Enviromental engineering
and design

5th International Conference

Zielona Góra 13-14.10.2022 r.

Dear Participants, we kindly inform that the certificates of participation in the conference will be sent by the end of November.
Important dates

Important dates

abstracts and applications submission

electronic poster submission

Conference Fees

Conference Fees

Participation is free

On-line registration

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Conference topics

  • Electromobility
  • Circular economy
  • Protection against flooding
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Microplastic in the environment
  • Internal networks and installations
  • Forestry as part of environmental design
  • Water and wastewater treatment technologies
  • Thermal energy, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Sustainable energy management in the environment
  • Reclamation of degraded and devastated areas
  • Sustainable management of natural resources
  • Rainwaters and meltwaters in urban areas
  • Energy efficiency of facilities and systems
  • Air quality and air protection
  • Waste management in the circular economy

Papers Publication

Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports (Lista MEiN 70 pkt.)

www.ceer.uz.zgora.pl (no additional fees)

Deadline for paper submission: 30.09.2022, publication after positive reviews: December 2022

Energies (Lista MEiN 140 pkt. IF 3.252)

Articles for MDPI journals only in the thematic scope of Special Issue

(possible discount on the publication)


All articles are subjected to an editorial review

Framework Program
of the On-Line Conference

13.10.2022 r.

9:00 - 9:10

Conference opening

9:10 - 10:45

Session I
Chairman of the session: prof. Andrzej Greinert

11:00 - 12:35

Session II
Chairman of the session: Jakub Kostecki, PhD

12:50 - 14:25

Session III
Chairman of the session: prof. Sylwia Myszograj

14:40 - 16:30

Session IV
Chairman of the session: prof. Izabela Krupińska

14.10.2022 r.

9:00 - 10:35

Session I
Chairman of the session: Ewelina Płuciennik-Koropczuk, PhD

10:50 - 12:25

Session II
Chairman of the session: Marta Gortych, PhD

12:40 - 14:00

Poster session
Chairman of the session: Piotr Ziembicki, PhD
Ireneusz Nowogoński, PhD

Scientific Committee


Sylwia Myszograj, Eng, PhD, DSc, Assoc. Prof., Zielona Góra, Poland– Environmental Engineering section

Andrzej Greinert, Eng, PhD, DSc, Assoc. Prof. Zielona Góra, Poland – Environmental Management section

Organizing committee


Jakub Kostecki Eng, PhD, – Head

Ewelina Płuciennik-Koropczuk, Eng, PhD, – Deputy Head

dr inż. Marta Gortych, Eng, PhD, – Secretary

dr inż. Anita Jakubaszek, Eng, PhD

dr inż. Piotr Ziembicki, Eng, PhD

Conference under the auspices of

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On-line registration

For conference registration, please fill-in online registration form.